Cheburashka Plush Toys #1 (P40)

(20 customer reviews)



Cheburashka Plush Toys

Material: Soft Plush and PP Cotton


Available in:


White fur | Pyjama | Open eyes

(Height: 7.9 in – 20 cm)



White fur | Pyjama | Closed eyes

(Height: 7.9 in – 20 cm)



White fur | Pyjama | Sleepy eyes

(Height: 7.9 in – 20 cm)



Brown fur | Pyjama | Open eyes

(Height: 7.9 in – 20 cm)




Brown fur | Pyjama | Closed eyes

(Height: 7.9 in – 20 cm)



Brown fur | Pyjama | Sleepy eyes

(Height: 7.9 in – 20 cm)


Brown fur | Open eyes

(Height: 7.9 in – 20 cm)



Brown fur | Closed eyes

(Height: 7.9 in – 20 cm)



Brown fur | Sleepy eyes

(Height: 7.9 in – 20 cm)



White fur | Open eyes

(Height: 7.9 in – 20 cm)



White fur | Closed eyes

(Height: 7.9 in – 20 cm)



White fur | Sleepy eyes

(Height: 7.9 in – 20 cm)



*Limited Stock*

Cheburashka Plush Doll

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Brown fur – Open eyes, Brown fur – Closed eyes, Brown fur – Sleepy eyes, Brown fur – Pyjama – Open eyes, Brown fur – Pyjama – Closed eyes, Brown fur – Pyjama – Sleepy eyes, White fur – Open eyes, White fur – Closed eyes, White fur – Sleepy eyes, White fur – Pyjama – Open eyes, White fur – Pyjama – Closed eyes, White fur – Pyjama – Sleepy eyes

20 reviews for Cheburashka Plush Toys #1 (P40)

  1. Adam Kuska

    The order came within 15 days, as expected. Cheburashka was well and securely packed. The toy is soft and pleasant to the touch. In reality, it is more than in the photo. Thank you very much

    Image #1 from Adam Kuska
  2. Brandon Spencer

    The product is of high quality, insanely cute and has caused the recipient amazing emotions! The delivery is super fast. Thank you!

    Image #1 from Brandon Spencer
  3. Orson Bright

    Very cute high-quality toy!

    Image #1 from Orson Bright
  4. John Dolton

    With eyes much better looks!

    Image #1 from John Dolton
  5. Anna Humphrey

    This is my very first order! Thank you very much for such a cute toy. It is made simply gorgeous. Best delivered, wrapped in cute heart paper.

    Image #1 from Anna Humphrey
  6. Linda Brown

    Good day. Very satisfied with the order. The toy is just super, very cute and pretty Cheburashka, thank you very much for bringing joy to children.

    Image #1 from Linda Brown
  7. Virna Hague

    Great toy! Good quality, no foreign odors, baby satisfied! Recommend!

    Image #1 from Virna Hague
  8. Attilio Grande

    Definitely recommend it!

    Image #1 from Attilio Grande
  9. Mora Leasing

    Very cute Cheburashka! It feels good! Baby happy! Came quickly, which made me very happy.

    Image #1 from Mora Leasing
  10. Red Ronnie

    He is very cute I love him. You will not regret it is 100% worth the money, very well made

    Image #1 from Red Ronnie
  11. Chaska Peterson

    Cheburashka is wonderful. Very pleasant to the touch and made neatly. Even the packaging was very cute, in a heart. And delivery is fast. Thank you very much!

    Image #1 from Chaska Peterson
  12. Dina Alston

    Amazing Cheburashka!!! Very beautiful, nice!! The baby is delighted!! And most importantly shipping!! It’s mega fast!!!

    Image #1 from Dina Alston
  13. Morgana Steel

    The toy is of normal quality, there was a smell, I washed everything perfectly. My daughter is happy. Thank you

    Image #1 from Morgana Steel
  14. Loredana Monteanu

    It is great! it is very carefully sewn, odorless and very soft. I advise you to buy such a plushy friend.

    Image #1 from Loredana Monteanu
  15. Lorena Carsten

    Delivery in 3 weeks. The toy is very cool, wretched made, I recommend it!

    Image #1 from Lorena Carsten
  16. Teo Wong

    The child liked very much Cheburashka, he does not let go of his hands now!

    Image #1 from Teo Wong
  17. Omar Spavaldi

    Thank you very much for such a wonderful and cute Cheburashka. Packed very well in a beautiful bag with Hearts☺️ Thank you very much✌️

    Image #1 from Omar Spavaldi
  18. Corrado Winston

    A great toy. The quality is super. The main thing the child is happy. Delivery in 3 weeks. Thank you very much!!!

    Image #1 from Corrado Winston
  19. Allison Parrington

    I like the toy, everything is whole, the delivery is fast. Thank you!

    Image #1 from Allison Parrington
  20. Corina Schulberg

    A pretty Cheburashka 🙂 Sewn carefully, the threads do not stick out. Thank you!!

    Image #1 from Corina Schulberg
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